Tree Savior

Installing Tree Savior

Here you can see Tree Savior in action preventing encroachment under severe weed and grass pressure.  Even aggressive weeds like amaranth cannot penetrate the barrier created by Tree Savior. 

To install our product around existing trees in your landscape, the process is just as easy as installation during planting.  Simply use a sharp knife or box cutter to carefully slice from the center to edge of the Tree Savior and wrap around the base of your tree then use filler material of choice to hold in place.

  • Made in the USA

  • Collects and retains water

  • Protects from string trimmers
  • Stops weed encroachment

  • Retains mulch or rock
  • Paintable
  • Available in many colors
  • Cheaper, easier, and more effective than tarp and rock or liner and mulch methods
This type of damage can be prevented!

Tree Savior was created out of a problem common to those familiar with the challenges in starting young trees in arid environments.  Many seedlings and saplings ultimately succumb to environmental effects such as weed pressure and drought as well as accidental damage resulting from common yard maintenance including contact with string trimmers or mower decks.  

Tree Savior solves these problems by providing a protective barrier for your young trees.

Tree Savior combines the strength of polyethylene with the pleasant appearance of river stones yielding a flexible, durable, attractive surround for your trees.  At approximately 32" diameter and with a basin depth of 3",  Tree savior surrounds create an impervious weed barrier while allowing water to collect and drain in a controlled manner that ensures a moist, healthy root environment.  Patent pending design allows Tree Savior to accommodate tree growth     

Installing Tree Savior couldn't be easier.  Simply insert your transplant through the center relief of Tree Savior and plant as usual.  The center relief is sized to allow insertion of many sizes of transplant containers and can be trimmed to accommodate larger containers as needed.  The basin area of Tree Savior allows for use of decorative rock or mulch without the need for weed barrier or liner material and allows easy clean-out when necessary.  While most will prefer one of the many colors Tree Savior is available in, our product can be painted to suit your desired aesthetic.

Our Product

Tree Damage and Weed Pressure 

Here is an example of the type of lifelong damage that can be seen on trees that have had accidental contact with powered yard equipment.  Notice that the scars from early development stay on the tree throughout it's life and can result in both unsightly marks and an area where insects can enter the tree to cause damage. Fungal infections are a common malady of trees that have sustained mechanical damage and can cause a host of issues throughout the life of the tree.

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